COVID-19 & Re-Opening Updates | Fox Tucson Theatre

COVID-19 & Re-Opening Updates

HEALTH AND SAFETY update applicable to upcoming events

Current as of 5/24/21

The safety of our community, staff, volunteers, and patrons is a top priority. The Fox has and will continue to follow guidance of federal, state, and local health officials. Per the most recent CDC recommendations (May 13, 2021) and Pima County Health Department guidance (May 14, 2021), those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can participate in most activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing.  Pima County continues to recommend that those attending large indoor events greater than 1,000 should continue to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.


Effective May 24, 2021 in accordance with these recommendations, The Fox:

  1. Strongly urges all patrons choosing to purchase tickets to events at the Fox be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to attendance.
  2. Asks all patrons, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask while attending large indoor events at the Fox, per current Pima County guidance.
  3. Requires all on-site staff and volunteers to wear masks at large indoor events at the Fox.

Additional health and safety precautions planned for the Fox’s reopening include:

  1. Increased air filtration
  2. Electrostatic mist disinfectant system
  3. Print-at-home and phone scanned ticketing
  4. Pre-ordering of concessions encouraged


*All policies are subject to updates and revisions as conditions warrant and public health guidance may change.


7/6/2020 Update

Fox Tucson Theatre Programming Suspended through December 2020

These are challenging times for many individuals, businesses, and institutions in our community. They are challenging times for live performance and for The Fox. After carefully evaluating all options for the next six months, the Fox Tucson Theatre Board of Directors and Executive Director Bonnie Schock have made the difficult decision to officially suspend programming through December 2020. 

We are filled with hope for the future when we will gather again, and committed to relaunching programming again when both public health and the operational conditions unique to large-scale live performance will allow.

With federal relief loan funds expired, earned revenue halted for the immediate future, and absorbing ongoing refunds related to 6 months worth of canceled or rescheduled events, The Fox will also further reduce staffing levels. A small team of four full-time employees (down from around forty before the pandemic) will prioritize continued customer service for our patrons and donors; loving care of our treasured, historic theatre; and preparation for a 2021 reopening.

The experience of gathering together is central to live performance and for venues like ours, the road to recovery is not a simple V shape. Physical distancing strategies which are key to fighting the spread of COVID-19 make presenting events at The Fox financially unviable in the coming months.

Theatres and music venues are struggling. Some are closing forever. As hard as it is, these strategies are necessary now to ensure The Fox has the best possible chance of reopening strong.

Our devoted Board of Directors takes its stewardship responsibility seriously and has committed to utilizing all resources available to resume programming in a manner that fulfills The Fox mission, advances the long-term sustainability of the theatre, and preserves precious physical assets.

Such deep staffing reductions are particularly hard. It is the people that make the place. The people of Tucson chose to rebuild The Fox 20 years ago. Our dedicated Board, enthusiastic patrons, generous volunteers and tenacious staff have carried that mantle forward. Honestly, it is devastating to see our team disperse. These talented individuals are to be recognized and thanked for all they have done to make The Fox what it is and to advance what it can and will be.

Your Support is Vital

Board President Michael Heisler says “We are facing a longer and more gradual return than expected, and that return is dependent upon the communitys readiness to invest in the future of The Fox.”  In the past, The Fox lay dormant for 25 years before the community lifted her up and brought her back to life. She is patient and resilient and she remains filled with promise for the future. In this challenging time, she will need a temporary shoulder to lean on.

Please consider supporting The Fox at this critical time so we may all realize her return:

  • Make a donation to the Fox Forward Look to the Future campaign 
    • The Fox Forward campaign has a goal of $250,000, having raised approximately $50,000 of that amount since the campaign launched in mid-May.
  • Make a membership gift today.
    • Benefits of membership gifts will be honored for a full year from the date the Fox reopens for programming.
  • Ticket holders are encouraged to donate the value of tickets to any canceled event back to The Fox in lieu of a refund, or to accept credit toward a future performance. 

Thank you to all of our supporters for the many kind words of encouragement, for your understanding of these hard choices, and for your continued belief in the power of live performance to bring us together. We will need that more than ever as we look to the future.

On behalf of all of us at The Fox, until we meet again…

Bonnie Schock, Executive Director

Michael Heisler, Board President

Rescheduled Events Update

For events that have been or are being rescheduled, your tickets are still good! However, please be advised that in order to meet new seating capacity limitations, new ticket purchases may not be available for some concerts as new seating charts are created. 

As soon as we have event-specific information, ticket holders will be notified via email and general information will be posted on our website, in e-blasts and on social media. In the meantime, we’ve tried to answer many of the questions we’ve been getting on a new FAQ on Fox’s Re-Opening page here. 



Box Office & Administrative Office Limited Hours for In-Person Business

Box Office:


12pm to 4pm

Administrative Office:

Tuesday & Wednesday

9am to 5pm

5/28/2020 Update

Fox Re-Opening Update

Hello to The Fox community. Folks have been asking “when are you going to reopen?” And, the answer is, “It’s complicated.”

We wish we had an exact date to share with you. The truth is there is no big red circle on our calendars with the caption “today is the day!” Gathering places like The Fox were the first to close, and we are likely to be among the last to be able to return.

 You are our first priority. The Fox team is working on what live events in special spaces like ours will look like, in light of COVID-19 and the temporary federal, state, and county health regulations designed to limit its spread.

 First, there are lots and lots of physical and operating logistics that impact every aspect of what we do backstage, onstage, and with each of you in our audience.

 Second, with so many artists unavailable for tour and so many projects delayed nationwide, we are working on shaping and re-imagining an artistic program that serves the Tucson community best within the current reality of the performing arts industry, as well as area health and safety guidelines.

 Our goal is to announce Fall 2020 plans, whatever they may be, no later than the end of August. We know, we know – it’s wishy-washy – and, we are so grateful to everyone for your kindness, support, and patience while we take the essential steps to preserve and protect this precious resource, even as we reimagine plans we had made for the next 6-12 months.

 As we move into this new future, we want to acknowledge that events currently scheduled for fall 2020 will be affectedFor events that have been or are being rescheduled, your tickets are still good! However, please be advised that in order to preserve our ability to meet expected seating capacity limitations, we consider these rescheduled fall 2020 events SOLD OUT. We have placed new ticket sales for them on hold. 

You may still purchase tickets for announced 2021 events, and we hope to have more events to announce soon. 

 We know everyone has their own questions and hopes for the Fox Tucson’s re-opening. As soon as we have event-specific information, ticket holders will be notified via email and general information will be posted on our website, in e-blasts and on social media.

 In the meantime, we’ve tried to answer many of the questions we’ve been getting on a new FAQ on Fox’s Re-Opening page here. 

 Thank you for trusting us to guide Tucson’s Crown Jewel through these uncertain times. At the heart of The Fox’s enduring 90 year legacy are the values of togetherness and shared experience. The Fox’s ability to weather this storm lies in the community’s readiness to rally to support her. Please consider donating at any level to help us continue to move into this new future. Donate Now


5/8/2020 Update

The Latest News: Public Events Suspended through Summer

As you know, Tucson’s Crown Jewel, the Fox has been closed for public events since March 13 due to the impact of COVID-19. In light of current conditions in the live performance industry, the Fox is announcing today that we will remain closed for public events through August 31, 2020.

Our dedicated team will continue to monitor the many factors that influence how events come to our stage, and reevaluate as conditions may change.

Events originally scheduled for March 13 – August 31, 2020, have now either been rescheduled into fall of 2020 or spring of 2021, are postponed with new dates pending confirmation with our artist partners, or have been canceled. Individual ticket holders will be immediately alerted via email upon confirmation of rescheduled dates.

At this critical time, we invite you to demonstrate your belief in the power of live performance by participating in the Fox Forward: Look to the Future Relief Campaign. Your contribution today, of any size, helps to ensure a future of togetherness at Tucson’s Crown Jewel.

Thank you for ensuring the Fox moves Forward.

4/30/2020 Update
Hello Fox Family and Fans!
The Fox team continues to work diligently with our many communities – of artists nationally, business leaders regionally, government agencies, and with our many patrons, donors, volunteers and local artists who consider the Fox a home – to plan for the right, best return of all that makes the Fox so unique. We are grateful to all of you for your patience as we imagine the next steps.
With the extension of Arizona’s stay at home order until May 15, we will remain closed to the public until at least May 15, with all events suspended through May 31. Coming soon, we’ll let you know about additional plans to keep the flame of community connectedness here at the Fox alive in the months, the years, and the decades to come! More to come soon, everyone.
From all of us at the Fox,
See you soon!
3/9/2020 Update

We at the Fox Tucson Theatre are proud members of the live performing arts community. We take our role as organizers and implementors of positive live experiences to heart. We are passionate conveyors of joy and we believe in the unparalleled power of shared experience to help each of us understand ourselves, one another, and the broader world a little bit better. We know that in a society often divided by fear and increasingly separated by technology, the act of showing up and being present together can be a profound expression of love for community. This is who we are. It is why we do what we do. It is why people embrace special places like the Fox, where we make memories together.

Because our work is, at its core, about making connections and building relationships in real-time and real space, the idea of “social distancing” is anathema to our core values and to our very identity as performance-based artists and artisans. On a typical day, we take care of our community by calling us together to witness and celebrate and question and wonder at the gift of human creativity. Today, however, is not a typical day.

Today, in the face of an escalating public health crisis, we must take a different approach to caring for our community’s health. We must embrace the guidance of our local caregivers in the medical field, whose particular expertise tells us that the tactic needed now is to create intentional distance.

So, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to suspend public performances at the Fox beginning March 14th through at least May 30th. At that time, we will reevaluate the situation and continue to work with our touring artist partners to determine if and when rescheduling is possible.

Now we must ask for your help. There are serious financial consequences to such a decision, with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. This is nothing compared to the risk of loss of human life. However, such extreme losses coming all at once could threaten the viability of the Fox in the near term. In the nonprofit arts industry, profit margins are slim and we invest roughly 90% of the cost of an event upfront, funds we cannot recover. When events are canceled, refunding the related ticket revenue results in a complete loss.

In this unprecedented and unexpected moment, we are asking our community to rally around us. While each ticket holder is typically entitled to a refund in those rare circumstances when events are canceled, in this atypical situation we respectfully ask our audiences to crowdshare the financial impact of this pandemic on the Fox.

Please donate back the value of your purchase to support the Fox Tucson. If this approach does not feel right for you, as a second option, we ask you to consider accepting a credit toward a future Fox event.

As we take stock today, we look to our immediate future. The great news is that none of the concerts we’ve postponed are actually canceled. We are working with every one of our artist partners, and are pleased to report that we fully anticipate that most, if not all, events will be rescheduled. It does take some time, though, to sort through all those calendar puzzle pieces. We’ve been hard at it and will announce specifics as soon as we have confirmations.

Ticket holders to suspended events may contact our box office at [email protected] to donate, exchange, or request a refund. Non-ticket holders, you can always show your support by becoming a member. We will keep audiences posted, as well, regarding the rescheduling of events.

COVID 19 Postponement Policy Refund Exception:

We’re working hard to reschedule all postponed events, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this complex time when things are changing rapidly.  We will immediately notify patrons via email as individual dates are confirmed.  We understand that due to these extraordinary circumstances, not all ticket buyers will be able to attend these new showtimes. Upon notification of a date change, patrons will be given 30 days to request a refund (less fees).  Refunds can take up to 30 days to be processed.

Thank you for believing in the Fox and embracing the power that live performance has in our lives.