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Support K.I.T.T.

Your donation to the KITT (Kids In The Theatre) Youth Arts and Culture program helps make The Fox an “arts home” for the youth of Tucson, just as it was in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  In doing so, we will be able to have as much of a beneficial impact as possible on our community, as we bring together youth from all walks of life to be inspired, empowered, and sense the creative potential within themselves and all people.  

The Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you to the supporters of The Fox Tucson Theatre's KITT Program!

1,000 and up

  • Lapan Sunshine Foundation
  • Marta and Bob Holl
  • Mike and Beth Kasser
  • Dr. and Mrs. Howard Adams
  • Neal Cash and Sally Grant
  • Nancy March and Neil Ampel
  • David and Sarah Smallhouse
  • Larry and Florence Adamson
  • Liz and Michael Sampsel
  • Jack and Elsa McTavish
  • Gary Bagnoche
  • JKC Capital LLC
  • Gary and Joni Jones
  • Cindy and Kevin Morrissey
  • Gerald and Mary Beth Radke
  • Terri Saint Pierre
  • La Bajada Land, LLC
  • F S Bed and Bath Shoppe Inc
  • Roger Kennedy and Susan Petersen Kennedy
  • Robinson & Monica Howell


  • Andrew and Karen McWhirter
  • Bruce Dusenberry and Lynne Wood Dusenberry
  • Janet Anderson
  • Joseph and Cindy Dhuey
  • MacBan Law Offices
  • Roger Kennedy and Susan Petersen Kennedy
  • Yoram Levy
  • Howard Stewart



logo for the Stocker Foundation


  • Timothy Schaffner and Anne Maley-Schaffner
  • Andrew and Trisa Schorr
  • Bruce Schumacher
  • Darryl and Mary Ann Dobras
  • Dianne Kerns
  • David Tiers and Sue Breems
  • Jack and Carol Clements
  • Melanie Goering
  • Tom and Judy Lumia
  • Ted and Karen Borek
  • Tom and Jan Marshall
  • Terence Rudkin and Rene Stone
  • Mary Keane
  • Steve Johnson
  • George and Marjorie Cunningham
  • Hecker PLLC
  • Patricia and David York
  • Lionel and Karen Faitelson
  • Joel Ireland
  • Andy Macleod
  • Anne Cortez
  • Bruce Jacobs
  • Dean and Ilene Sipe
  • Dean and Karen Wynne
  • Chuck and Debbie Mendoza
  • Diana & Frank Dawley
  • Ed and Tara Hudson


  • Esther Sternberg
  • Jenny and Gawain Douglas
  • Heather and David Alberts
  • Fenton Investment Company
  • Judy Dare
  • Justin and Merry Ireland
  • Abramson Foundation
  • JP Jones III
  • Jeff Willis
  • Kristin Almquist
  • Karen Olson
  • Todd Hansen
  • Lynn White
  • Marco Mercaldo
  • Colleen Guilfoil
  • Carl Merling
  • Patrick Marcotte
  • Peter Kresan
  • Christina Rossetti
  • Mike and Lori Bryant
  • Sherry and Stephen Weiss
  • Tomas and Ellen Kelley
  • Philip Tygiel
  • Joyce and William Webb
  • Michael and June York
  • Michale Haubert
  • Bob and Annie Segal
  • Greg and Penni Natvig
  • Steve and Becky Kanoza

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