Fox Ghost Tours | Fox Tucson Theatre

Fox Ghost Tours

Friday Dates are Sold Out – New Saturday Dates: 10/10 & 10/24

Two Tours Each Night — 8pm Regular Tour @ $25

& 11pm “Witching Hour” Tour @ $35


You really can’t have a 90-year history without rounding up a few ghosts!

Stories about a male panhandler who walks the street outside of the theatre but disappears when someone hands him change…lights that flash on and off when no one is around and the sighting of what appears to be a young girl in old fashioned dress roaming the inside theatre have given The Fox a well-deserved reputation as a place to experience ghostly adventures.

The Fox is excited to have the Tucson Ghost Society take 10 curious (and brave) souls on a safe and educational tour of The Fox that includes a preternatural investigation using state of the art equipment exclusive to the paranormal industry. 

Image of our Fox Ghost in LobbyThis team has previously captured an apparition on video and has recorded six different electronic voice phenomenons, including footage from the lobby of an orb that drifts out of the wall, rises up into the middle of the room, and moves to the back as it becomes a figure. Since the theatre has been silent with only the Ghost Light shining, we feel sure The Fox ghosts will be glad to have the living back among them. 

PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 Protocols are in place for this exclusive, limited capacity event. Please note that guests will be required to wear face masks at all times during the tours and follow other safety guidelines as outlined here.