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Our Mission

We make memories. We make connections. We make Tucson proud.

We enliven Tucson, fostering community growth and connections by shaping exceptional, live arts experiences in a celebrated setting.

Our vision is to serve as a leader and collaborative partner in a thriving Tucson cultural landscape.

Central to our purpose is the ongoing enjoyment and continued vitality of a cherished and historically significant venue. Our success rests in how the theatre and its programs embody and facilitate a positive sense of place and connectedness, holding cherished memories and creating transformational new arts experiences for Tucsonans of all ages and backgrounds.

Togetherness & Community · We believe the arts provide space for joyful celebration and the expression of our humanity; and that gathering together in shared experience is an essential function of our interdependence as members of a community.

Growth · We believe in continuous improvement, in challenging ourselves to grow and change; and in a learning orientation toward the achievement of institutional, individual, and community goals.

Partnership · We believe in collaboration, cooperation, and working together with a range of partners toward common aims.

Respect & Inclusion · We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect; and that inclusion of a diversity of people, ideas, perspectives, and cultures in all aspects of our organization is both an honor and a responsibility, which deepens our work and expands our impact.

Quality & Craftsmanship · We believe in artful practice, fine craftsmanship, taking care in our work, and pursuing excellence through the continued, rigorous application of skills.

Sustainable Legacy · We believe in the long-term and in the power of an examined history to fuel present actions that will shape a sustainable, evolving, and positive legacy.



2020 Annual Report

2020 was a challenging year for all of Tucson, the nation, and the live events industry. With community support, the Fox remained active and full of hope for her continued future, as a beloved, legacy organization, essential to Tucson’s vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Please take a moment to share in a visual summary of the accomplishments and challenges of the 2020 year.

Download or view our current 2020 Annual Report here.

To view our Annual Report as a flipbook, click here.

Economic Impact

The beloved state of the art facility offers Tucson an exciting year-round mix of live entertainment, movies, and community events, currently generating an estimated annual economic impact of $7.6 million in downtown Tucson (per Americans for the Arts and Economic Prosperity Calculator).

A 2017 economic impact survey confirmed the Fox as an essential economic driver in the resurgence of Tucson’s downtown. The survey found at the time, the Fox brought more than $6.3 million into downtown including over $2 million at downtown’s many restaurants and bars! And, that impact has only continued to grow. (Click here for a snapshot of the results of the 2017 survey results.)