7:00 pm

Underwater Bubble Show

Taking cues from Cirque du Soleil, this visually spectacular show incorporates the latest in stage technology. Lasers, low ground smoke, flying foam, and innovative soap-bubble art simulate an underwater atmosphere, drawing us into a wondrous world populated by jugglers, dancers, acrobats, and sand artists. Mime and physical theatre bring the hero to life, as he transforms from a busy, stressed-out modern person into someone filled with wonder and able to smile again.

How many of us ever wanted, at least for a moment, to be able to stop time just to take a breath and daydream?  The solution, in fact, is simple and accessible to us all: don’t be afraid to let yourself go.

Inspired by childhood standards like Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan, B-The Underwater Bubble Show is a modern fairy tale with one major twist. “Each classic tale represents a journey of a kid who grows up and learns something,” explains co-creator and director Enrico Pezzoli. “We wanted a story about an adult character who discovers that he can still go back and enjoy life. We don’t always need to grow up.  Sometimes we need to step backwards for a bit and restart.”

images from the Underwater Bubble Show
“B’ is a Bubble-iscious and Fantasmagorical Experience! … All in all it was a magical experience, ending with a triumphant finale… This production comes highly recommended for all ages!”


“A very different fast moving show, the structure of which I had never seen anything like before. It had it all… you will be truly amazed.”

-Geoffrey Newton, MagicWeek.co.uk