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Kitt the Fox

Hi everyone!  I’m Kit the Fox.  My home is The Fox Tucson Theatre, and there’s nothing I love more than meeting all the young people that come to shows here.  But how did I end up living in a theatre, anyhow?




Join in my adventures with a bit of your own creativity!

I can come out to your school or event.
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Kit the Fox

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Download and print Kit’s Tale (you can see it on the right), and voila– you have a coloring book to bring to life.

Even more exciting is that you can share your child/students’ coloring art with the world and win big!  Here’s how it works:

  • Send us your favorite picture, colored in by your child/student, and it’ll be entered into a special art competition to win great Fox Tucson Theatre prizes!
  • Just e-mail an image of your art to [email protected], or send it by mail to Kit at PO Box 1008, Tucson, AZ 85702.
  • Be sure to include name, contact information, and age of the artist.
  • Note: submitting your artwork gives The Fox Tucson Theatre permission to use the image for promotional purposes.