Gina Chavez - Always Chasing Rainbows Solo Acoustic Streaming Concert | Fox Tucson Theatre

Gina Chavez – Always Chasing Rainbows Solo Acoustic Streaming Concert

Gina Chavez is a multi-ethnic, queer, Catholic, internationally-acclaimed Latinx pop artist who is redefining Latin music. She’ll bring streaming her passionate, soulful sound directly into your homes in an acoustic concert experience exclusive to Fox Donor-Members as a complimentary gift in celebration of our 90th Anniversary Always Chasing Rainbows week-long celebration.

A limited number of tickets are available for a “donate-what-you-will” ticket price, to encourage non-Donor-Members to see what kinds of benefits current members enjoy.

Gina has heralded in unheard iterations of Latin music going back to her chart-topping 2014 acoustic bi-lingual record Up.Rooted. A decided shift from the 2007 acoustic folk-pop debut Hanging Spoons, Chavez pushed her sound even further out of the comfort zone with 2018’s R&B-soul-dominated Lightbeam, favoring her mesmerizing vocals.

Since starting her songwriting career over a decade back, Chavez’s undeniable talent has given her access to international tours (including appearances as a U.S. State Department cultural ambassador) and exposure through ACL Fest, NPR’s Tiny DeskFirst Listen, and All Things Considered, as well as a platform to co-found private college fund Niñas Arriba (which benefits underprivileged girls in El Salvador) alongside her wife.

A 12-time Austin Music Award winner—including 2015 Musician of the Year and 2019 Best Female Vocals—Chavez is an icon. With more than a million views on her NPR Tiny Desk, an hour-long PBS special, and a 12-country tour through Latin America, the Middle East and Central Asia as a cultural ambassador with the U.S. State Department, Chavez is ready for a bigger stage. One glance at the cover of her new bilingual album and you’ll understand why.

She is… La Que Manda.

Released on May 27, 2020, La Que Manda, (“The Woman in Charge”) is the story of a woman coming into her own power.

“I’ve spent my life playing nice and making myself small,” said Chavez. “Then I toured the U.S. and the world and saw how women everywhere — from Nebraska to Uzbekistan to Argentina — know what it means to be silenced in the face of power. This album is for them, for all of us. An anthem to reclaim our bodies, our hearts, our voices, and show the world what we’ve known the whole time: we are La Que Manda.”


Chavez’s first all-Spanish language album marks a sonic and visual evolution for an artist whose musical journey began in Austin coffee shops. La Que Manda boasts the perfect mezcla of organic and digital sounds, lifting her signature soaring vocals to new heights.

The fact that Chavez and her team were able to put the finishing touches on an album of this magnitude during the height of a global pandemic speaks to the central theme “La Que Manda.” She IS the boss.