Stolen Moments | Events at Fox Tucson Theatre
10:00 am

Stolen Moments

The First 100 Years of Jazz
JazzReach Presents
“Stolen Moments: The First 100 Years of Jazz”
Featuring Metta Quintet


Immerse students in the electrifying world of jazz! Both captivating and informative, the show’s combination of a live jazz quintet, spoken world, and video projection takes students on a journey through jazz’s rich history, where they’ll meet the legendary masters who shaped its sound.

Yet “Stolen Moments” goes beyond the music. It reveals the fascinating interplay between jazz and 20th century American culture. Students discover how jazz became a powerful force for unity, bridging cultural divides and sparking creative revolutions. It’s a story of breaking down barriers, celebrating diversity, and pushing artistic boundaries. The show also examines jazz’s lasting influence on other musical genres, both in the US and internationally.

“Stolen Moments” gives students a vibrant window into American history and an appreciation of the power of music to unify, inspire, and change the world.