The Magic of Kevin Spencer, 1st | Events at Fox Tucson Theatre
9:30 am

The Magic of Kevin Spencer: A Sensory Inclusive Performance

First Performance

Angel Charity

Performing Arts and Autism Program


Spark student wonder with “The Magic of Kevin Spencer!” This fun-filled show for students of all abilities combines storytelling, stage magic, and audience participation.  Award-winning magician Kevin Spencer was hailed as “The Kid Whisperer” by Inside Autism magazine, and his sensory-inclusive performance is designed to create an experience that is welcoming to all audiences, including students with autism or other forms of neurodiversity that create sensory sensitivities.  Attendees will have access to a Social Story Video leading up to the show, making this a highly accessible opportunity for students to experience the joy and magic of live, performing arts!



Kevin is widely recognized as a leading expert on utilizing the performing arts to help kids with autism develop crucial skills, while making performing arts experiences dramatically more accessible and inclusive.  After touring the world for more than 25 years with one of the largest and most successful theatrical illusion productions in the U.S., he stepped away from the big stage and into classrooms and hospitals around the globe.  He earned a Ph.D. in Special Education and created programs that use the art of magic to impact change in the lives of people facing a range of challenges.  He has published studies in peer-reviewed journals, is faculty with Harvard Medical Teaching Hospital, and is a Fulbright Specialist on arts integration for special populations for the U.S. Department of State—just to name a few of his many roles!