Curious Conversations, Inspired by the Fox's Mighty Wurlitzer Organ | Events at Fox Tucson Theatre

This event occured on Nov 01, 2022 and is no longer on sale.

1:00 pm

Curious Conversations, Inspired by the Fox’s Mighty Wurlitzer Organ

When the Fox Theatre opened in 1930, part of the technological and artistic wonder it brought to Tucson was a Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.  These organs are incredible instruments, with literally thousands of pipes, as well as numerous other air-controlled instruments (drums, horns, whistles, marimbas) to create all the music and sound effects for silent movies, without any amplification.  As the movie experience changed through the years, the Fox’s original organ was disassembled.  Yet no longer!  Over the past few years, this remarkable instrument has been restored to the Fox.  Come to the theatre or hop on Zoom to join the conversation and learn about this organ and its history from the very person who has been restoring it!  Please register above.


Graham Davis working on an organ

Australian-born Grahame Davis is the organ restorer, tuner, and technician for the Fox Tucson Theatre’s Wurlitzer Pipe Organ.  With 50 years of experience working on organs, he consults with venue owners across the world and maintains close, personal ties to many of the world’s touring organists. Grahame got involved with the Fox at the start of its restoration in 1999, helping to envision a return of a Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.  He would ultimately go on to bring those plans to fruition, such that the instrument now sounds forth from its home inside the organ chambers at the Fox!