Chris Perondi's Stunt Dog Experience | Events at Fox Tucson Theatre

This event occured on May 29, 2022 and is no longer on sale.

2:00 pm

Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience

High-energy shows created by Chris Perondi feature some of the most talented and highly trained dogs in the world! The fast-paced show is full of extreme action and it’s all choreographed to music!

Stunt Dog Productions teams up with only the best dog trainers and performers in the country. The Perondis have brought dozens of trainers into their “Stunt Dog” family over the years and have assisted numerous trainers in getting their start in the industry. Trainer Abby Cline currently leads the Perondis second team. Cline is from Fargo, ND and her team of dogs has been a part of the family since 2009.

All the dogs in the shows are trained using positive training methods with the use of a clicker and toy motivation. They each have unique talents and signature moves to showcase. The Perondi’s work with each dogs individual ability, athleticism, and intelligence. Then, they place the right dogs in segments where they will excel the most. The dogs enjoy performing because they are doing what they love. Every show is enthusiastic with more energy than the last!

Stunt Dog Productions is a family owned business led by husband and wife team Chris and Suhey Perondi along with their son Anthony. This family business originally started in 1999 and has produced over 8,000 live shows. The show has evolved into one of the largest touring animal acts in the world, with up three touring units serving the United States and Canada.