Trustworthy Documentary, KVOA-TV Rental | Events at Fox Tucson Theatre

This event occured on Oct 12, 2023 and is no longer on sale.

6:00 pm


Trustworthy is a documentary that chronicles our 5,300-mile journey across America to explore how the growing crisis of trust in media threatens our democracy, and whether we can find common ground. From small towns to urban enclaves, we speak with journalists, experts and everyday Americans across the political spectrum about how we got to this critical moment, how we can become better news and information consumers, and how we can come together to rise above the misinformation and discourse aimed at dividing our communities.

Trustworthy is our gift to democracy. Through screening events and watch parties, the film provides a forum for people to listen, learn, discuss and inspire action to preserve our democracy.

This documentary is a must-see for everyone who seeks to better understand our media and help bridge the political divide.