An Open Letter to Tucson | Fox Tucson Theatre

An Open Letter to Tucson

An open letter to Tucson:

Togetherness and shared experience are at the heart of The Fox’s enduring legacy.

Togetherness matters. Our physical proximity to one another is an exchange of energy, purpose, thought, emotion, goodwill, and an acknowledgment of our beautiful interdependence as members of a community. And, when we gather to witness the uniquely human act of creativity, it is irreplaceable. There is nothing else like it – among the oldest defining elements of society, the ritual of gathering to tell stories, to sing, dance, create rhythm, listen, and wonder together at our shared humanity is, indeed, sacred.

It’s 2020. We find ourselves in the midst of a health, economic, and social crisis unprecedented in any of our lifetimes. 90 years ago, the Fox Tucson first opened to the public and was boldly dubbed “the place to be.”

Since that day, the Fox has gone through many phases and she has witnessed a great deal of history – she’s served proudly as a film palace, a kids mecca, and during the economic decline of downtown as a hidden haven for a homeless community. Then, 15 years ago she was reborn as a one-of-a-kind home for live performance, the culmination of a community-wide passion project symbolizing our belief in and leading the way toward a revitalized downtown.

The Fox is Tucson’s Crown Jewel.

Through all of those different phases, the Fox has always been and always will be about togetherness and community and the joy of shared experience. She’s a rare treasure that draws us to one another.

Today, in this moment of pause, our singular purpose is to keep this treasured jewel shining bright. We reaffirm the values of togetherness and shared experience at the heart of the Fox’s enduring legacy. We look to the future when we will gather again.

Do you believe in that future at the Fox Tucson Theatre?

People make the place – the memories we build together, and the passion we bring to the things we believe in. Special places like the Fox are filled with memories and history and connectedness. Perhaps most importantly, they are a kind of promise we make to one another to show up in real-time and in real space. That promise of togetherness may be more important now than at any other time in The Fox’s long history.

While the Fox is physically dark for the time being, for all of Tucson we hold onto that promise brighter than ever in our hearts. With your help, the shows will go on – when it is safe, the Fox will once again gather us. She will shine bright as “the place to be.”

Your gift today, of any size, helps to ensure a future of togetherness and shared experience at Tucson’s Crown Jewel.