Short Literacy Movies

Note: the movies below are all free to watch, as they are posted on YouTube. Please exercise due parental caution and supervision when it comes to ads and other linked videos that show up.

Week 3:  Stick to Manual

A robot is tasked with discarding books that are no longer considered valuable.  Yet at the crossroads of a malfunctioning machine and a scary boss, he discovers one book that calls his programming into question.  Enjoy this exploration of the true value of a book!


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Week 2: Bite-Sized Animated Odes to Books

With poetry on our mind this week, we share with you these three extra-short animated movies. Think of them as cinematic poems in celebration of books!

An old bookseller’s imagination has run dry, but when a curious boy walks into his shop, books explode back into his world with tremendous beauty.

If Books Came to Life

Through stop-motion animation, we see the magic of a book coming to life… in a very real way.

Blank Canvas

A unique treat that will intrigue young and old alike… This animated tribute to Lewis Carroll’s classic, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” is a VR-360 movie. Watch it on a mobile device so you can move your tablet or phone around while the movie plays, to take in the immersive environment that is virtually “surrounding” you.


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Week 1:  The Girl Who Hated Books

Meena’s parents love books, but she can’t stand them!  That is, until the day that their characters leap from their pages and wreak havoc in her house…


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Extra Content:  The Fox’s Strange Predicament

Practice your reading skills with our own tribute to silent movies.  A playful look at the strange moment we find ourselves in…


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