7:00 pm

Bollywood Boulevard

With dance, live music, and stunning visuals, Bollywood Boulevard takes audiences on a non-stop journey though over 100 years of Hindi cinema. Through hallmark songs and dance, Bollywood Boulevard captures the artistry, spirit, and impact of an industry, that has millions of fans across the globe.

Following the highly successful films like “SlumDog Millionaire,” “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and “Lion,” there is an American fascination with the cultural aspects of India including music, dance and film. There are also many communities of native Indians here in the U.S. who attend shows like this to revisit their cultural roots.

As the show moves from the era of black and while films to modern era, the music, costumes, choreography, and artwork reflect the essence of each time period. Escape to grand palaces and mustard fields and dance clubs. Bollywood Boulevard will have you falling in love with the vibrancy, emotions, and heart-pounding beat that inspires the world’s largest entertainment industry.