Buy Tickets How Great Thou Art – The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley

Celebrate the Spring as Lonely Street Productions presents Robert Shaw as ElvisPerforming Elvis’s platinum-selling gospel album, How Great Thou Art – The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley.

From the earliest days of his boyhood until his untimely death, gospel music always held a special place in the heart of Elvis Presley. As a young man Elvis wanted nothing more than to sing bass in a gospel group.

Join Tucson favorite Robert Shaw, a 12-piece band and a soul inspiring gospel quartet as they take you back to the glorious hymns that were some of The Kings favorites:  Peace In The Valley, Amazing Grace, Where Could I go But Up to the Lord, Crying in the Chapel and of course the How Great Thou Art. You’re sure to find inspiration and lots of great memories in this wonderful music.

More About the Music & Elvis’s Love of Gospel:

We all know that Elvis had his big comeback in 1968, when he performed in the round in Burbank and made what might be the finest live rock recording by anyone. Even if you’re a quibbler, it’s top ten list material, but Elvis’s return to pure platinum officially began Feb. 27, 1967, when his gospel album, How Great Thou Art, hit record store shelves.

Before this album, many people didn’t know that Elvis was in fact a hard-charging gospel singer. He once stated that there wasn’t a gospel song he didn’t know, and when it came time to perform a set of them, there wasn’t a gospel number Elvis couldn’t transform into something wondrously secular, universal, free of cant and creed. Plus, gospel Elvis could rock your socks off.

For those of you who have never seen and heard Robert Shaw singing as Elvis, you are in for a wonderful treat! Robert Shaw has the ability to transport you the sights and sounds of an Elvis concert – all in the intimate atmosphere of The Fox!

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