Fox Patrons – Raise Your Glass (with our new souvenir theatre cups)!

The Fox Tucson Theatre now offers a wonderful way to enjoy beverages in the theatre while supporting our ongoing mission. Our re-usable Fox “Theatre Cups  will help protect the Crown Jewel of Downtown while also reducing waste and preserving our precious natural resources.


You can enjoy a beverage from the comfort of your own seat during any performance or movie. Purchase a souvenir Fox Theatre Cup, get it filled with your favorite drink and enjoy the show! We are excited to introduce our new cups to our patrons, but we understand there may be some questions:

Q: We used to take drinks to our seats, why now do we have to purchase a special cup?

A: As you know, The Fox Tucson Theatre is a historical landmark and we are committed to keeping our lovely “Crown Jewel of Downtown” in pristine condition. The only way to do this and allow our patrons to enjoy their beverage at their seats during shows is to be sure we have lidded containers.

We not only chose to introduce a reusable cup over disposable lids and straws in order to be more environmentally friendly but also because the sale of our new cups will generate new revenue. Additional revenue sources allow the Fox to continue to support its mission to care for the theatre and support future programming.

Q: Can I bring in my own spill proof cup?

A: No, only the Fox spill proof cups, water bottles and the lidded soft drink cups purchased at our concessions will be allowed into the theaters.

Q: I purchased a cup at at the Fox; can I bring it to every show I attend?

A: Yes, absolutely! We’d like to think you’ll enjoy your cup as a convenient “to go” container wherever you are. Think what a great impression you’ll make sipping from your Fox Tucson Theatre cup at your desk or on the go – showing your support for Tucson performing arts, historical buildings and flat out love of music.

We think it is a much more interesting conversation starter than if you sport a similar cup from say a national coffee house – nothing very unique about that! And at only $3/cup, it’s a steal!

Q: What size are the cups?

A: Cups currently come in three sizes: 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz.

Q: What is served in each cup?

A: Hard liquor, wine and beer in the 12 oz. cups; Beer or hard liquor in the 16 oz. cups; Soda in the 20 oz. cups.

Q: Where are the cups sold and how much are they?

A: Cups are sold at the concession areas of each theater and at our Fox Tucson Theatre table in the lobby. Each cup is $3.

Q: Do I have to buy a spill proof cup to buy a drink?

A: No. Patrons have the option to buy a drink without purchasing a spill proof cup. However, non-lidded cups will not be allowed into the theater.

Q: Are these cups BPA-free?

A: Yes, these are BPA-free.

Q: Are the dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, please wash in top rack only.


Fox Tucson Theatre cups are proudly sponsored by our season sponsor, Lovitt & Touche.


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